AVANTGARDE is Design par excellence, the perfect essence of Craftsmanship and Luxury, where the precious material showcases a strong identity of great enchantment.

It is the contemporary concept of jewellery that we wear, wrap around ourselves — that tells us a story.


In the pages of the happiness of a life together, we write of the power of unbreakable love, which lasts for ever and which we wish to safeguard in the eternal beauty of a diamond jewel.

The joy and emotions of our perfect moments find expression in the pure light and in the eternal style of creations of the ENGAGEMENT range, a tribute to the most precious feelings.


Sometimes we wish to stop time and take the perfect photograph of our happiness, at that precise instant.
Such a beautiful thing, long anticipated and perhaps overwhelming, because it took us by surprise. Happiness is like that – it can arrive when you least expect it, like a wave of energy or like a light breeze in our life.

And we can celebrate it with a precious object that conserves for ever the joy of that moment.


The jewels of the ATELIER represent the exclusive luxury of being able to choose an object of great beauty and value. They are the most precious range of Damelise, presenting diamonds that have particular cuts, rarity and colour.

They become Art, one-off pieces, unrepeatable, that tell us who we are, and reflect through their light our truest and deepest nature.

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