It is the entanglement of our lives, the rapid and invisible threads that have weaved our destiny, and led us to who we are today.
It is the self-assured glance that we cast towards our uncertain futures.
It is the happiness that we safeguard, seek, build every day with big hugs and generous smiles.
Damelise is the delight of the ocean, the odour of the wind, the love of beauty.

It is the Lady whom we all know.

«The jewel has the magical power to tell our story»


They are the precious treasures between the pages of our lives.
Damelise jewels belong to all the Women of our era.
They reject fashion and etiquette, and glow in their elusive charm.
To describe Damelise jewellery in a single word is impossible: they represent the worlds of antique art, skilled craftsmanship, and contemporary creativity.

Their beauty quickly captivates our minds, leaving us impressed and overwhelmed by the splendour of these creations.


Damelise moves within the compartments of our lives.
Choose the most beautiful jewel, which will accompany you or part of your journey – it will be the charm that will help you overcome challenges and fulfill your hopes.
Like a true Lady of her destiny.


Damelise jewels are created by the expert hands of the Master Goldsmiths of World Diamond Group, an Italian company with three decades of experience in the diamond sector.
The quality and technical competence are reflected in the precise selection of the best gemstones, acquired from around the world.
The ethics and transparency of the supply chain of the diamonds are essential values of World Diamond Group to guarantee, every day, the excellence of the workmanship.
The art and the story of Italian patrimony are the source of inspiration for the beauty of every shape.
Taste and elegance are reflected in the panache of Damelise jewellery.

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